Galway – Bray, 09.-16. September 2022 

May the road rise to meet you 

The old Irish blessing came true and 5AK guided by Mag. Tamara Milovic-Braun and Mag. Waltraud Weingartner started their journey in Galway where numerous old-fashioned pubs and tiny little streets were waiting to be explored. On the first day, Tom our driver took us to a sheep auction, a waterfall where salmons might jump up the small river and finally to Connemara National Park where we effortlessly climbed up the scenic Diamond Hill. Passing the rough and harsh landscape of western Ireland, we saw the typical meadows divided by 19th century stone walls dating back to the years of The Great Famine, where the sheep and cattle are still grazing throughout the year. On day number two, we headed for the famous Cliffs of Moher where the Irish weather hit us hard. Slightly soaked we went to Bunratty Castle and got an insight into the life of former times.  

After that road trip we settled in Bray where our students stayed at Irish host families, took English courses in the morning and attended various excursions in the afternoon. On our bucket list we had: a Dublin walking tour, the Wicklow Goal – a disused prison which gave an insight into the terrifying conditions of 18th to 19th century penal system. Another cracking place was the ruin of Black Castle where our students were able to suck in the astonishing view on the sea and Irish landscape.  

Further, we attended a tour at the famous Guinness Storehouse and luckily all of them being old enough, a taste of the original Guinness was included.  

On our last day, we once again wanted to feel the real nature of Ireland and went on a walking tour to Bray Head. From the top of the mountain, we had a splendid view over the coast of Bray and the ocean.  

It was a week we will well remember because Ireland, its people and the beauty of its country is simply mesmerizing