Wait until dark

The story may be old, 50 years, to be exact, but it still works. “Wait until Dark”, a thriller by British playwright Frederick Knott, has left generations of   television audiences petrified ever since the release of the 1968 Hollywood film version. Some of you might still recall the then celebrated movie star Andrey Hepburn as vulnerable, blind Susy Hendrix, trapped in her own flat by three ruthless thugs, who are frantically searching for a doll stuffed with heroin.

Some thirty students from our school, members of our “Top League”-    now in its highly successful second year of existence - and pupils in their fourth or fifth years, enjoyed an action-packed evening at Vienna’s English Theatre.

The lessons to be learned?

  • For naïve travellers: Never agree to carry someone else’s stuff on board a plane - not even something as harmless as a baby doll.
  • For male crooks: Never ever underestimate a woman, blind or not.
  • For blind victims: Switch off the fridge, sweetie…
  • And for everyone reading this: Theatre is fun.   


“I quite enjoyed the play. The actors played very well. The plot was easy to understand.”  Jakub, 4B

“I really loved the play. The story was interesting. I especially liked the actress who played the blind woman.” Sandra, 4B

“Throughout the play I thought the woman was blind.” Paul, 4B

“…. Fortunately the final show-down was without firearms. That made it last longer.  How can a blind woman defend herself? – She showed us!” Rene, 4B